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Swinging tea tray - one-handed no spill bespoke tea tray

Swinging tea tray - one-handed no spill bespoke tea tray

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  • Handmade in the UK, Midlands from sturdy ash ply.
  • Uses an ingenious low centre of gravity design, to keep the tray stable and prevent unwanted spillages
  • Made by Griffin and Sinclair Bespoke furniture est 1974, rated number one bespoke furniture maker in the UK by the Independent Newspaper.
  • Thanks to its strong cord, the swinging tea tray can be carried with one hand, keeping the other hand free to open doors, use a banister etc.
  • Very lightweight, great for those who suffer with tremors, Parkinsons or other dexterity, balance or strength disabilities.
  • Great for those with a Limb Difference, who may have one arm affected by stroke, or someone who needs to use a walking stick or handrail to steady themselves with one hand whilst carrying a tray with the other.
  • Carry the tray by your side rather than in front of you – meaning you can always see your feet whilst walking
  • Great alternative to the Tipsi Tray

The Griffin and Sinclair bespoke made tea tray uses an ingenious design that keeps the centre of gravity at a lower point and the movement of the cups and liquid to such a minimal level you’d have to try very hard to spill anything!

The Swinging tea tray uses a 4 cord design to equally distribute weight across all 4 corners of the tray.  As long as all 4 cords are being grasped, the tray will remain completely stable.

The Swinging tea tray is also a single handed carry tray. This leaves your other hand free to hold a banister, open doors, hold a walking stick or move through crowds. As the tray is held in one hand by your side, you can also see your feet whilst walking, which is is difficult with a traditional two handed tray.

The swinging tea tray is an excellent solution for people with disabilities such as, tremors, Parkinsons or other balance or dexterity disabilities, who struggle to carry a two handed tray. It would also be a great option for use in pubs, bars and restaurants.

See the dimensions of the tray below, as well as a little more about Griffin and Sinclair est.1974.


Dimensions: L45cm x W30cm x H2cm

Material: Sturdy Ash ply and Solid Ash Edging


For over 40 years, Griffin & Sinclair have produced high quality, bespoke and sustainable products and furniture. Their ethos is to produce quality products that are sustainable not only through material selection, but by creating hand made products that last for generations.

As a small, family business, Griffin & Sinclair are a small team of highly skilled craftsman and designers who have been working together for over 30 years. Griffin & Sinclair understand and always deliver the high standards expected of them.

Griffin & Sinclair are proud to have been named "the number one bespoke furniture maker in the country" by the Independent newspaper.



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