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Knork eco-friendly fork and spoon 6 piece set

Knork eco-friendly fork and spoon 6 piece set

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Knork is an innovative knife and fork in one, ideal for use on a multitude of foods and by users with dexterity issues or other disabilities.

The Knork eco-friendly fork and spoon 6-piece set is made from earth-friendly materials. This set of forks and spoons is perfect for all dining situations – from BBQs to picnics to desk lunches.

The Knork Eco is a stylish addition to any kitchen, with a Scandi-influenced ergonomic design, teamed with pretty pastel colours that are influenced by a 1950s palette.

  • The Knork is a fork that features a bevelled edge along one side of the fork tines, which allows you to use it as a knife
  • The bevelled cutting edge is not sharp like standard knives, and cuts using a rocking motion
  • The Knork is also ideal for those who only have one hand available for eating as it totally removes the need for two pieces of cutlery
  • Set includes:  3 Eco Knorks and 3 Eco spoons
  • Approx 17cm each  (in colours orange, blue, gray)
  • Made of plant-based bamboo fibres and sugarcane starch (PLA) and can be compost within 2 years of disposal
  • Dishwasher-friendly, durable and reusable with a recommended lifetime of 400 washes

Image is a collage of information explaining what Astrik eco-friendly cutlery is. For those with visual impairments please see text below the image.

Astrik is...

What type of binder is used to mould the bamboo and sugarcane together?

PLA is the binder.
Made from sugars found in certain plants (Corn, Sugarcane, Cassava). It's dishwasher safe, but biodegradable by design (as it is made from plants).

90% Sugarcane
10% bamboo fibre

Moderate heat tolerance - Product will lose strength and warp IF used in/on extremely hot foots.
PLA products don't offer an ultra high heat tolerance - a trade-off of having a compostable design.

Knork have safety tested their Eco utensils up to 93 degrees centigrade, in a commercial dishwasher, but prolonged exposure at higher temperatures than that is not advised (such as dishwashers with a 'heavy duty' high heat cycle, using the utensils to stir or cut food directly out of a microwave or over).

However, just because a utensil becomes warped, it is not permanent. If you were to heat it up again, it would become pliable enough to bend back into its normal form.

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