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Feathertail - Ergonomic wireless wearable mouse

Feathertail - Ergonomic wireless wearable mouse

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Coping with either Repetitive stain injury, carpal tunnel or a disability is a difficult challenge. Using your PC shouldn’t be. Introducing the revolutionary Feathertail – a comfortable, flexible, pain-free way to interact with your computer.

The Feathertail can be worn and used around your palm, wrist, shoe, hat or headset. Discover new ways to control your devices.

  • Plug and Play – The Feathertail uses universal input meaning it can be plugged in to any device no drivers required!
  • Rechargeable & Long lasting battery – The Rechargeable Li-Po (850mAh) battery lasts up to a week on one charge.
  • Customisable – Any 22mm watch strap can be added to the device, allowing to choose what’s most comfortable or stylish for you.
  • Simple and Intuitive – The Feathertail requires no calibration and works upside down or at an angle, allowing you to wear it on your head, wrist, shoe arm etc, get creative!
  • Adjustable sensitivity – Sensitivity can be adjusted using the pointer settings on your device
  • Lightweight – Just 28g, as light as a feather!

Freedom to work as you like!

Feathertail is a wearable mouse that fits around you quite literally. You can use it on your wrist, palm, foot or attach it to a hat or headset. The Feathertail can be used in whatever way is most comfortable for you.

Feathertail is designed to be easy to use for people with limited mobility. It requires no buttons to use, and with the included Velcro straps you can attach it to your shoes, hat, or headset. It opens up a variety of different ways to interact with your tech.

All day comfort

At 28g, the Feathertail doesn't put unnecessary strain on you, helping you to quickly recover from your injury and use the device for many hours a day without fatigue.

Great with wrist braces

Feathertail works great with wrist braces and wrist supports, helping speed up your recovery following an acute or repetitive strain injury.

Intuitive movement

The 3D orientation software runs inside the Feathertail. So when you move, the mouse cursor moves with you. There is no need to worry about keeping the device straight, or calibrating it for different working positions.

Long lasting battery & Plug and Play

The rechargeable battery that lasts more than a week between charges, so you don't have to worry about the Feathertail going flat when you need it most. Whether you're working sitting down, using a standing desk, or relaxing in bed you can control your PC with ease. Since the device doesn’t take up space on a desk or require setup, it’s easy to use on the move or from any a location.

Precision and speed

Having RSI or a disability shouldn't mean you need to use an inferior product. Feathertail is fast and it's accurate. There are three high-precision sensors inside the device – a gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer. The sensors provide data hundreds of times per second, so even small movements can be detected. Accuracy and smoothness of movement are further improved by the proprietary sensor calibration and data fusion software.

Feathertail communicates with your PC using a 2.4 GHz radio connection, so you can experience similar responsiveness as from any top-tier ergonomic mouse.

Works out of the box

Feathertail is plug-and-play. Using the USB HID protocol means there's no need to install drivers and the device works on all popular OS - Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS and even Android.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse to your preference and have a choice between several options for clicking the mouse. For example free dwell to click, or voice dictation software.

The Feathertail is designed with this in mind. It’s a mouse you can use in a variety of different positions throughout the day, unlike traditional ergonomic mice. This helps the affected tissues rest and changes the biomechanics of the repetitive movements you do.

In particular, having the option of using a mouse you don’t have to hold can be instrumental in recovery from carpal tunnel, de quervain's thumb and other related conditions.



Wearable mouse
Height: 36mm
Width: 55mm
Depth: 14mm
Weight: 28g

Technical specifications.

Sensor technology
Bosch BMX160 low noise, high-precision absolute orientation sensor
(accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer)

Connection Type
2.4 GHz USB receiver
Wireless operating distance: 3m

Rechargeable Li-Po (850mAh) battery
Battery life: Up to 1 week on a single full charge

System requirements.

Required : Available USB port
Windows 7 or later
macOS 10.15 or later
Chrome OS™ (supported on most ChromeOS distributions)
Linux® (supported on most Linux distributions)
Android 9.0 or later

Package contents.

Wearable mouse
USB dongle
22mm x 300mm NATO strap
22mm x 360mm NATO strap
Charging cable


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