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Dressing aid stick 27"

Dressing aid stick 27"

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  • 27″ length sturdy dressing stick
  • Allows easy positioning and retrieving of clothing
  • Plastic coated C hook at one end
  • Features a special push/pull hook at the other

The lightweight 27″ dressing stick allows the those with limited dexterity or mobility to dress with ease – the long length allowing you to pick-up clothing and pull garments across the body without needing to stretch, twist or bend down.

The plastic coated C hook can be used to retrieve clothes from a wardrobe or hard-to-reach places, such as the floor. The c-hook also provides assistance when hooking button holes or fastening zips.

The push/pull hook is used to position your clothes like a jacket on your body without having to stretch.

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Length: 27"

Weight: 117g

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