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Buckingham Foldeasy Toilet Safety Frame - Folding Height Adjustable Frame

Buckingham Foldeasy Toilet Safety Frame - Folding Height Adjustable Frame

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Buckingham Foldeasy - Folding adjustable toilet frame

  • Portable toilet frame that folds quickly and easily to provide support where and when you need it
  • Height-adjustable safety frame suitable for a variety of toilets and can be set to the most comfortable height
  • Folding footplate secures easily to ensure stability during use, without the need to fix to the floor
  • Comfortable padded armrests provide assistance when standing from the toilet

The Buckingham Foldeasy toilet frame is a fully folding and adjustable, portable frame. The toilet frame has a folding foot paddle, which folds down and easily attaches to the corresponding leg of the frame. This aids the stability of the toilet frame because, when you stand on it, your body weight holds the frame firmly in place.

The versatility of the Foldeasy makes it perfect for home use, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels and just about anywhere where you might require the aid of a toilet seat surround. No fitting is required because the folding toilet frame is free-standing. As a result of this, you do not have to attach it to any part of your bathroom.


  • 52cm width between arms
  • 51cm from back bar to front support
  • Height adjustable 68-to-88 cm from the floor to top of arm (highest point)
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