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Blue Badge anti-theft device - large

Blue Badge anti-theft device - large

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This large Blue Badge anti-theft device can secure the new Blue Badge and timer clock in their plastic holder as one (as seen in image) – protecting your Blue Badge from being stolen while parked.

  • Avoid theft.
  • Lock to the steering wheel.
  • Display badge while parked.
  • Won’t have to wait up to eight weeks for a replacement.
  • Avoid having a window smashed in and having to cover the cost.

Blue Badge Protectors’ products have been developed over a 10-year period using the best British materials.

The anti-theft device is made in the UK and is a steel-based sleeve with a clear perspex slide cover. The cable with the protector is a flat (non-curly and non-tension cable) that is 1.2 metre in length with two keys.

This large blue badge anti-theft device enables the new Blue Badge with the integrated plastic clock to fit in as a whole.

For cars with a wide gap between the steering wheel and dashboard, an additional 1.2-metre cable can be purchased.

Timer clock and Blue Badge NOT included.

The anti-theft device also comes in a regular single or double version.


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