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Active Hands D-ring disability exercise aid

Active Hands D-ring disability exercise aid

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  • Perfect for using shoulder strengthening equipment
  • Enables you to use cable pulley machines
  • You will be able to use cable crossover machines

The Active Hands D-ring exercise disability aid is designed to help disabled people with limited hand function use gym equipment independently. If you have had a stroke, suffered a spinal injury or developed a condition that affects your hand function, the Active Hands D-ring disability exercise aid can help you regain your independence and enable you to take part in fitness activities.

Ideal for use in the gym, the D-ring exercise aid attaches directly to the carabiner (hook) on gym equipment like cable or pulley machines. This grants you a wider range of movement as all the pulling is being done directly from the wrist, eliminating any need to grip the equipment with your hands.

As the D-ring exercise aid is worn around the wrist and not the hand, this aid is suitable for those with limb differences and those with next to no mobility in their hand.  The wrist section can also be tightened or loosened with its Velcro strap.

All Active Hands gripping aids are built to last. The aids are made from tough webbing and comfortable but durable neoprene, which is used to make wet suits. The D-ring disability exercise aid will withstand regular use, even for strenuous activities. They are also machine washable.

The D-ring disability exercise aid is only available in small/standard size, so please refer to the sizing guide below to ensure they will fit. The D-ring exercise disability aid is sold as a pair, including both left and right hand.

A = Wrist

135mm – 185mm


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