Meet the Team

Photograph of Duncan Edwards

 Duncan Edwards 

Shop Manager

Duncan Edwards is the dynamic Shop Manager of, a platform dedicated to enhancing the lives of disabled people through innovative products. His commitment to the disability community is rooted in his previous work with and

Duncan is the co-creator of Trabasack, a unique fusion of a functional bag and sturdy lap desk, lauded by disability influencers and recognised as an official Microsoft Xbox XAC accessory. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Duncan facilitated the distribution of thousands of mask exemption cards for those unable to wear masks due to medical conditions or disabilities. He also expanded his product range with the inclusion of the designs several new disabled entreprenuers, aligning with his mission of inclusivity and practicality.

In essence, Duncan Edwards is a passionate advocate for the disabled community, using his entrepreneurial acumen to provide practical, stylish, and life-enhancing solutions. His work continues to break barriers, making everyday life more accessible for disabled people.
Photograph of Martyn Sibley

 Martyn Sibley 

Marketing Consultant

Martyn Sibley, a distinguished figure in disability advocacy and marketing, joins as a Marketing Consultant. His vast professional experience, coupled with his personal commitment to disability inclusion, uniquely positions him to guide our strategic direction.

As co-founder of the Purple Goat Agency, Martyn has demonstrated his ability to connect brands with the disability community effectively. His understanding of the Purple Pound, the spending power of disabled people, will be instrumental in shaping our approach to marketing and product selection.

Martyn's prior achievements, including co-founding Disability Horizons magazine and the accessible travel startup Accomable, underscore his innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. His work has consistently been recognized, with regular placements in the top 100 influential disabled people lists.

Author of "Everything is Possible," Martyn's positive and resilient outlook permeates his professional endeavours. His educational background, with a BA in Economics and a master's degree in Marketing, further bolsters his capacity to steer our marketing strategy.

At, Martyn's role extends beyond consultancy. His leadership, backed by his impressive track record, will guide us in our mission to provide the best innovations for disabled people, ensuring our offerings are not just accessible, but truly empowering. 

Photograph of Amrick

 Amrick Ainley 

Graphic Design and Sys Admin

Amrick Ainley, a seasoned professional with qualifications in design and computing, brings over 20 years of e-commerce experience to her role as Graphic Design and Systems Administrator at Her expertise spans Woocommerce, Wordpress, creative copywriting, product management, and social media.

Amrick has a proven track record in the disability sector, having worked with and, where she helped curate and maintain their online shops. She also contributed to the Manchester Parent Carers Forum, further demonstrating her commitment to supporting carers and disabled individuals.

Her technical acumen is matched by her graphic design skills, enabling her to create accessible and engaging digital spaces. Amrick's work is not just professional; it's personal. As a parent to a neurodiverse child, she understands the importance of creating inclusive environments.

In summary, Amrick's blend of technical expertise, design creativity, and personal experience make her an invaluable asset to Her work continues to enhance the online shopping experience for disabled individuals and their carers.