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Glideboard - innovative transfer board for disabled people

Glideboard - innovative transfer board for disabled people

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  • New ultra-lightweight transfer board (1.44kg) with a unique design to increase stability - exclusive to the Disability Horizons Shop
  • Ideal transfer board for wheelchair users
  • Sliding seat panel glides, making transferring from anything easier and safer, reducing effort by more than 30% and minimising friction
  • Unique shape with stabilising arms, contoured edges to ease onto  and a special blend of polymers for strength, up to 20st/127kgs

Developed by Buckingham Healthcare, which has been making healthcare products for 20 years, this new and innovative transfer board is unlike any other on the market.

Having worked with wheelchair users and experts on the design, the board is much lighter, easier to use and far more stable than other transfer boards.

The seat itself glides along the board, making sliding it under and removing it once transferred much smoother and more flexible. Another great feature is that it can glide upwards and downwards to different heights (eg if a car seat is higher than your wheelchair).

The contoured edges and asymmetric design means fewer marks from friction and the 'handles' are shaped to fit around armrests.

The Glideboard can be used in a number of transfers - wheelchair to car, wheelchair to toilet, wheelchair to bed, chair to a wheelchair - the list goes on.

It is available in a range of colour combinations to ensure it is stylish and non-medical - the seat comes in blue, green and white, and the board in white and blue - and is easy to clean.

It weighs 1.44kg - many others weigh as much as 4kg - and has a weight limit of 20 stone/127kg. New versions for children and higher weights are currently in development.

How to use the Glideboard transfer board

The Glideboard is an ideal transfer board for wheelchair users either independently or with the assistance of a carer.

To use the Glideboard, follow these 6 simple steps:

  1. Pick up your Glideboard and insert one end under your thigh making sure both wings of the board are in contact with your wheelchair. The other end should be stable and positioned where you want to glide towards.
  2. As you slide yourself onto the Glideboard make sure that your hand holds the seat in place by spreading your palm across both the board and the edge of the sliding seat. This way you can be sure that your body is directly on top of the seat before you glide from your wheelchair.
  3. With one hand on the surface you're heading towards and the other on your chair for greater stability, you can simply glide across
  4. Once the glideboard has done its job, remove it from under your thigh but remember to keep it nearby ready to be used again.
  5. The wings at each end must be best placed to fit around obstructions like wheels and armrests, ensuring maximum stability when transferring.
  6. The seat clips off and on easily and is simple to clean. Just make sure when clipping it back on that the curves on the seat and the end of the board line up.
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