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BraBuddy - one-handed bra fastening aid

BraBuddy - one-handed bra fastening aid

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  • Unique bra dressing aid that allows you to easily put on a bra using just one hand
  • Assists you by holding one end of the bra while you pull the other end of the strap around your body to fasten the hooks and eyes
  • Suitable for most styles of bra

The BraBuddy is an innovative dressing aid that allows you to put on and fasten your bra one-handed, making it ideal for those with limited mobility or only have the use of one arm and who struggle to reach or twist without causing strain.

Simple and easy to use – the BraBuddy fits between your thighs and provides a steady central clasp, which holds one end of your bra in place.

The opposite end of the bra is then connected to a strap that can be pulled around the back of your body – eventually bringing the hook and eye fastenings together at the front – where you can then fasten your bra effortlessly.

BraBuddy gives you independence so you no longer have to ask for help getting dressed or changing intimate items of underwear, and offers a dignified alternative to adaptive bras – meaning you can continue to wear your favourite pieces of lingerie.

BraBuddy instructions:

    1. Sit upright and place the base of the bra buddy firmly between your thighs with the clips closest to you.
    2. Now, pull the strapping out of its funnel and let it drop down between your legs.
    3. Pick up your bra and place the eyelet end of the strap into the upper fixed clasp of the bra buddy.
    4. The hook end of your bra strap slots into the second bra buddy clasp - the one with the strapping attached to it.
    5. Now, pull that clasp away from you as far as you can. Keep pulling until there is enough strapping to lift it up and over your head. The strapping is now right around your body.
    6. Arrange your bra so that it can be pulled around you then tug the strapping back through the bra buddy so that your bra is tugged behind your back.
    7. Take hold of this end of your bra strap and slide it away from the bra buddy clasp.
    8. Fasten the hooks and eyes of your bra together then simply lift your bra away from the bra buddy. With your bra now connected, swivel your bra around your body and put your arms into the bra straps.
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