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Active Hands gripping aid for small items

Active Hands gripping aid for small items

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  • Restores and maintains your independence
  • Compatible with an array of small items
  • Designed for paintbrushes
  • You can use a make-up brush
  • Enables you to brush your teeth
  • Holds pens and pencils
  • Helps you to use a razor independently
  • Brush your hair without assistance
  • Use a stylus for a tablet

Active Hands gripping aid is designed to help disabled people with limited hand function take part in activities and everyday tasks. If you have had a stroke, suffered a spinal injury or developed a condition that affects your hand function, the Active Hands gripping aid can help you maintain your independence.

The Active Hand gripping aid allows you to hold items at any angle you would like, enabling you to do dexterous tasks like painting a picture, apply make-up, brush your teeth, shave, brush your hair, or even play the drums. Just simply position the palm pad at the perfect angle for the job.

To use the aid, secure the glove around the hand and wrist using two velcro straps. The palm pad is then attached to the glove using velcro. The palm pad features a plastic clamp that is used to hold the item you wish to grip in place, while you use the two pull ribbon loops to firmly secure the item in place. Then, you are all set!

Active Hands gripping aid is machine washable and is available in standard/large sizes, ranging from 160mm – 210mm around your wrist.

Please also note that the Active Hands gripping aid is sold as a single left or right glove, not as a pair.


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