Kolekce: Back to School

Back to School Essentials for Kids with Disabilities/Additional Needs

At any time of year, it's important to make sure your child has all the tools they need to succeed. At Disability Health Shop, we've curated a special collection of innovative products designed to help kids with disabilities thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Assistive Technology for Learning

Our back to school collection features a range of assistive devices to support your child's learning needs. The Trabasack Curve Connect lap desk and bag provides a convenient work surface and storage solution, while the Trabasack Media Mount allows easy access to tablets or communication devices.

 The Dyslexia Ruler Reading Aid is a simple but effective tool to help kids with dyslexia or visual stress focus on reading.

Tools for Writing and Creativity

Writing and arts and crafts can be challenging for children with fine motor skill impairments. The Functionalhand Universal Cuff and Nimble One-Finger Cutting Tool are designed to help kids grip pens, pencils, scissors and other small items more easily. These products promote independence and participation in school projects and activities.

Inclusive Clothing and Accessories

Dressing for school is made easier with Greeper's innovative laces that stay securely fastened without tying. 

With our carefully selected range of assistive products, inclusive supplies and adaptive clothing, Disability Health Shop is your one-stop destination for back to school shopping. Help your child start the new school year with confidence, independence and everything they need to reach their full potential.