What’s New in Our Second-Hand Inventory

What’s New in Our Second-Hand Inventory

We’ve added some new second-hand items to our inventory. These products have been tested for quality and are ready for a new home.


Below are some of the highlighted 2nd hand finds:

Eden R-Lite Transit Extreme Lightweight Wheelchair - £199.95

black transit wheelchair with light blue seat

  • Condition: Barely used, great condition.
  • Features:
    • Luxurious satin frame finish.
    • Comfortable, removable seat back and canvas.
    • Adjustable armrests and half-folding back for practicality and comfort.
    • Puncture-proof tyres, seat belt, adjustable foot plates for safety.

Ideal for smooth journeys around town, supermarkets, hospital visits and getting out to social events.

Non-Slip Safety Step Stool with Handrail - £19.95

white stainless steel tubing stool with handrail and black nonslip step and handle

  • Condition: Pre-owned, tested and cleaned.
  • Features:
    • Designed for safe and effortless entry and exit from bathtubs, or a step up in the kitchen.
    • Robust steel construction, lightweight and portable.
    • Non-slip step surface platform.
    • Supports up to 150KG.

Perfect for gaining that extra reach safely or a step up, be it in the kitchen or bathroom.

Pair of 5lb Ankle/Wrist Wearable Weights (Pink) - Nordic Lifting - £19.99

pink 5lb ankle/arm weights and damaged box

  • Condition: New but with damaged Box
  • Features:
    • High-quality weights by Nordic Lifting® for improved athletic performance.
    • Reflective trim for safe outdoor use.
    • Fully adjustable Velcro for ankles, wrists, legs, and hands.

Ideal for a variety of exercises, aiding in muscle toning, balance enhancement, and core training.

Folding Walking Stick (Bronze Colour) - £10.99

dark wooden handle with bronze walking stick agains a brickwall background

  • Condition: Second hand but in very good condition
  • Features:
    • Stylish, lightweight design in bronze colour.
    • Easy to carry and store with its foldable design.

A stylish support companion for walking anywhere.

These second-hand items are budget-friendly options to enhance your daily living. Explore these and more on our pre-owned and second hand disability equipment collections page.

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