Our latest Pre-owned listings

Our latest Pre-owned listings

Pre-Owned Products at Disability Health Shop: Quality Meets Affordability

Here’s an update of the latest products we have listed on the pre-owned section of the Disability Health Shop. Here, you’ll find quality items at unbeatable prices, all rigorously tested and cleaned for your peace of mind.

Why Choose Pre-Owned?

Choosing pre-owned items is a smart move. You save money without compromising on quality. Each item undergoes a thorough cleaning, testing, and inspection process.

Free UK shipping on all our pre-owned items!

Our current range of Pre-Owned Products

Reacher Grabbers

reacher grabber on a grey backgroundThe Classic Reacher Grabber is a handy tool. It’s 63cm long and helps you reach items easily.

Walking Sticks

white handled foldable walking stick against a brick wallWe offer a variety of walking sticks. The Drive Go and Glow Walking Stick is foldable and comes with a wrist strap. The Flower Pattern Walking Stick is adjustable and stylish.

Rollator Walkers

blue framed rollator walker with seatThe Drive Medical Foldable Rollator Walker comes in blue and includes a seat for added convenience.

Safety Step Stools

white framed step with cback non slip surface and white looped handrailOur Non-Slip Safety Step Stool comes with a handrail, providing an extra layer of safety.

Wearable Weights

enter image description hereImprove your exercise plan! We offer ankle/wrist weights by Nordic Lifting. They come in various weights and colours.


Is there a warranty?
Yes, a 30-day return on all pre-owned items.

Can I return items?
Yes, just post it back to us for a refund.

What to take a look at what else we have?

Ready to shop? Browse our pre-owned collection and find your next great deal today!

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