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Exploring the Benefits of No-tie Greeper Laces

Exploring the Benefits of No-tie Greeper Laces

Laces That Never Come Undone

Unique patented toggle system

Greeper Laces: The Beginning

Optometrist Peter Greedy created Greeper Laces. In the ‘90s, he wanted a solution for his kids’ constantly untied shoes.

Popularity and Use

Launched in 2008, many athletes and outdoor fans love these laces. They’re also helpful for people with hand impairment or cognitive issues.

Recognitions and Achievements

World-famous athletes use Greepers. They’ve been spotlighted at the Ironman Championships over six times.

Behind the Business

Peter Greedy runs this growing company from his UK home in Gloucestershire. In the world of footwear, the humble shoelace has seen little innovation over the centuries. Enter Greeper laces, a groundbreaking solution that’s changing the way we think about tying our shoes. Our Shop Manager Duncan Edwards has been selling and using Greeper Laces since 2011.

The Problems with Traditional Laces - they come undone!

Traditional laces have been a staple of footwear for centuries, but they come with their fair share of problems:

  • The Untimely Untie: Who hasn’t experienced the annoyance of laces coming undone during a run or an important event?
  • Dexterity Dilemmas: For individuals with motor challenges, tying laces can be a daily struggle.
  • Bending Blues: For those with back issues or conditions like arthritis, bending down to tie shoes can be more than just an inconvenience.

The Greeper Revolution

The Greeper No- Tie Toggle Solution

Greeper laces introduce a unique toggle that abides by a simple principle: “Once Applied, Always Tied”. Say goodbye to the constant bending and retying. The looped laces look very similar to a tied bow lace - no stigma!

Features and Benefits of Greepers

What makes Greeper stand out?

  • Hassle-Free Adjustments: Modify the fit without starting from scratch.
  • Fit for All: From sporty sneakers to daily wear, Greeper is compatible.
  • Athlete Approved: Champion athletes trust Greeper for their rigorous routines.
  • Nylon No Stretch Support: unlike elastic laces they provide OT approved support to your feet

Special Editions

Greeper isn’t just about functionality; it’s about fun too! The Thomas the Tank Engine edition, for instance, makes tying shoes an exciting activity for kids, promoting independence and confidence. If you are interested in a helpful post about teaching children with autism how to tie laces please click here.

How to Use Greeper Laces

Ready to make the switch? Here’s how:

  1. Remove your old laces.
  2. Thread Greeper as you would with a regular lace.
  3. Adjust to fit, and you’re set! No more retying.

Explore the range

Greeper laces are more than just a footwear accessory; they represent convenience, inclusivity, and a step towards a more accessible future. Why stick with the old when you can embrace the new? Check out the full range here  



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