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Explore Our Latest Second-Hand Gems: Elevate Your Mobility and Comfort

Explore Our Latest Second-Hand Gems: Elevate Your Mobility and Comfort


 oxygen ambulance bag, a stair-climbing shopping trolley, elbow crutches, and advanced performance insoles. The setting is inclusive and supportive, aiming to convey accessibility and comfort. The style should be welcoming and professional, with a focus on enhancing daily life for disabled people. Incorporate symbols of mobility and healthcare support, like wheels, crutches, and a heart-shaped oxygen mask, in a balanced and harmonious composition. The color scheme should be bright and optimistic, with blues, greens, and touches of orange to symbolize trust, growth, and energy.

At Disability Health Shop, we’re constantly updating our inventory with high-quality, second-hand and some new products that promise to enhance the daily lives of disabled people. This month, we’re thrilled to spotlight some exceptional finds that offer both practicality and reliability. Dive into our curated selection and discover how these items can improve your daily mobility and comfort.

Revolutionary Mobility Aids

Rescue and Medical Oxygen Ambulance Bag: Welsh Paramedic Surplus, Grade B
green padded bag with 'Primary Response' Lable

Spotlight on the Rescue and Medical Oxygen Ambulance Bag: Welsh Paramedic Surplus, Grade B

At Disability Health Shop, we’re excited to highlight the exceptional features and benefits of the Rescue and Medical Oxygen Ambulance Bag, a standout addition to our second-hand collection.

We have 12 of these sourced from Welsh paramedic surplus, in grades B and C classification ensuring plenty of life left to serve your needs.

This high-quality, surplus-grade bag is an indispensable tool for sports medics and individuals requiring portable oxygen due to health conditions. Here’s why this ambulance bag is a must-have:

Built for Durability and Reliability

  • High-Quality and Surplus-Grade Construction: Crafted to meet the demanding needs of emergency medical services, this bag combines quality with resilience.
  • Robust Padding: Offers superior protection for oxygen tanks and medical equipment, minimizing the risk of damage during transport.
  • Tough Zips and Straps: Engineered for frequent use, the durable zips and straps ensure the bag withstands the rigors of demanding environments.

Designed for Efficiency and Ease of Use

Specifically Designed for Carrying Oxygen Tanks: This ambulance bag is purpose-built to securely transport a single oxygen tank, ensuring it remains safe and accessible. Its design caters specifically to the needs of professionals and individuals who rely on oxygen for health reasons, making it an indispensable tool for ensuring the safety and readiness of medical supplies.

  • Used by Professionals: Trusted by emergency responders and healthcare professionals, this bag’s design reflects the requirements of those who need to carry oxygen tanks as part of their critical work. Its professional-grade construction and layout are tailored to support the demands of real-world medical emergencies and daily health management.

  • Portability: Designed with portability in mind, this bag enables efficient transport and accessibility of medical essentials in any situation.

  • Versatile Utility: Whether you are a sports medic attending to emergencies on the field or an individual who requires a reliable method to carry oxygen for health reasons, this ambulance bag caters to a broad range of needs.

In summary, the Rescue and Medical Oxygen Ambulance Bag represents a fusion of functionality, durability, and style, making it an essential item for sports medics, individuals with health conditions, and anyone in need of a dependable oxygen carrying solution.

Order yours today and experience the unparalleled convenience and peace of mind that comes with owning a top-grade oxygen ambulance bag.

VOUNOT 6 Wheels Aluminium Shopping Trolley: A trolley for stairs!
Black upright trolley with 6 wheels in a triangle
Shopping can be a cumbersome task, especially when navigating stairs or uneven surfaces. The VOUNOT 6 Wheels Aluminium Shopping Trolley is designed to make shopping a breeze. With its innovative stair-climbing wheels and spacious 50L capacity, it’s your perfect companion for any shopping adventure.

Advanced Mobility with NRS and Sunrise Elbow Crutches
pair of metallic grey crutches
We understand the importance of comfortable, reliable crutches. That’s why we’re excited to offer the NRS Elbow Crutches with Comfy Handle and the Sunrise 8265C Elbow Crutch. Both pairs boast double adjustability and ergonomic designs to ensure maximum comfort and mobility.

Ultimate Performance Advanced Insole: F3D Foam Comfort
Blue retail pack with image of 3d insole cushion
Foot comfort should never be overlooked, and the Ultimate Performance Advanced Insole is here to ensure your feet are well-cared for. Featuring innovative F3D foam and a 3mm damper, these insoles provide the support and cushioning your feet deserve.

Why Choose Our Second-Hand Products?

  • Sustainability: By choosing second-hand, you’re making an environmentally friendly choice, reducing waste and promoting recycling.
  • Affordability: Our second-hand products are priced competitively, offering you the quality and functionality you need without breaking the bank.
  • Quality Assurance: Each item in our inventory undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets our high standards of functionality and reliability.

Explore these amazing finds and more on our website. Elevate your mobility and comfort with our carefully selected, high-quality second-hand products today.

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